“Hit the ground running”

We manage everything that happens outside of the playground so you just focus on enjoying “the game”. 



Lived and worked +10 countries for 20 years as single, married and family with kids

High performing jobs with high level of expectations to perform at highest level

High capacity to resolve problems and adapt to change… passion for excellence  

Experience in multi-cultural and diverse environments


Did you know that the success or failure of a new assignment is determined by the first 90 days and that relocation stress is real even if you are headed to your dream job … after all your whole life is being turned upside down.

As founders, Spanish natives, we have experienced during more than 20 years across 10 different countries in our own skin the non-existence of a trustable and truly complete one stop service in cross country relocations that could cover all our needs with true care and passion.

We faced the challenge of moving and adapting to a foreign country while having to close all our things in the departing country and starting new and high demanding jobs, before physically arriving to destination.

Despite using global relocation companies in the sector for years, the service was not personal and always partial. It was extremely difficult, long, and frustrating to figure out all necessary information and support.  This process was a derailer to our ability to perform fast at our new jobs, where the first 90 days are critical, to keep physically and mentally healthy and a happy life, feeling like at home from day 1.

Even when re-locating again to our own country after many years we found ourselves that our personal life and needs had changed, because we had to move as singles, as couple and as family with kids and we know that the personal needs are very different. 

This was the start of Octopus, above and beyond relocations, so you and your loved ones will never have to feel our pain. We built a caring team that is there for you, no matter what your needs are, having thought for you of every single detail and making it tailor made for you, so you can just enjoy the journey.

From the
From the


 Privacy, care and passion 
We adapt the services scope only to your needs 


Meeting with initial understanding of needs and timing.

Planning of all details before arrival including temporary and permanent housing.

Planning of school search, languages and other needs.

Virtual tour and culture tips.

Planning of VISA, inmigration and paperwork.


Pick up and welcome
House picking on prior arranged visits.

Temporary housing if needed
Welcome tour.

Negotiation of all supplies and contracts in local language including bank account.

Immigration and paperwork.

Medical and other insurances.


Assistance 24/7 via chat and phone for as long as you require.

Support for partners, spouses and family on cultural integration, shopping tips, job search, networking events.

Cultural tours.

Car license.

Personal care: assistants, trainers, physiotherapy, nutritionists.

Family care: drivers, housekeeping, babysitting.


We only work with partners that we know them personally and have worked with us for several years even helped us in our own relocations. We have high standards of quality and time with them so we can give as a team the outmost priority to our clients.

We possess a strong track record of 97% success ratio of recommendation … we treat your relocation and YOUR success as if it was our OWN.

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Please kindly provide basic description of your needs and select your preferred day and time for a 30 mins introductory call (Spain time). We will get back to you in 24 hours.